Cheryl Ann Silich

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Lights! Camera! "Take" Action! - Speaking Clip

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"Seeing might be believing, but hearing is the start of believing in yourself."

As a speaker, Cheryl's uncommon anecdotes are memorable, fascinating and fun. She grabs the microphone—and the audience's attention—then keeps it. Cheryl knows how to shine under the spotlight, offering practical ideas that empower her audience.

But she doesn't stop there. This eloquent champion of television, film and business shares something more—her vulnerable off-camera persona.

Through brutally honest storytelling, Cheryl is a catalyst for positive action. She opens up her heart and shares herself, daring each audience member to dream and discover their own ability to change. Then she helps them gather the courage required to assess where they are in life—and where they want to be. In the end, she gives them the hope to believe they can accomplish more and step under their own spotlight: a place where their dreams become realities.

Here's what makes her so different: Cheryl doesn't simply tell others how to succeed; she models success for them, using the voice of experience. Her unique understanding that significance requires vulnerability gives her an unusual courage. She is not afraid to be human—or imperfect; she knows that the truth, however raw and personal, is powerful; she knows what works and shares it. Cheryl's "if I can do it, you can, too" attitude inspires the audience to act now.

"Got goals? Call Cheryl. We did!"

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Speaking Topics:

Because Dreams Matter!
passion/potential/goal setting/motivation

Lights! Camera! (Take) Action!
a behind-the-scenes journey

The Girl Who Couldn't Say Her Name
overcoming adversity

Dangling Carrots

The Yellow Brick Road to Life
beating the odds

It's Not Over Until the ‘Fit' Lady Sings!

God as My Personal Trainer
spiritual fitness

Blue ribbon

No Place Like Hope
ovarian cancer awareness advocacy
For more information on ovarian cancer, click on the ribbon.


Taking an audience-centric approach, Cheryl makes each presentation relevant, memorable, and personalized to create lasting impact. She arrives prepared with a keen eye for detail, always looking for ways to maximize your goals and objectives.

She makes you think; she makes you smile; she makes you stop and look at your life. She connects. She keeps it real. And she makes one thing undeniably clear: Cheryl loves what she does—and you will, too!

Character. Confidence. Charisma. Charm. Cheryl delivers, every time.