Cheryl's Video Clips

Adventures in OzBody by Cheryl

"I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. Fleming."

For ten years, Cheryl produced her own Telly Award-winning, syndicated television program, The Body Perfect.

What did she do for an encore? She became executive producer of Adventures in Oz with Cheryl™, a DVD series for children that has now won over a dozen national awards for excellence.

And just how did she do it? Luckily, she had all the skills to be a great producer when she decided to start her own television show: leadership, imagination, drive and something very powerful to communicate.

Her instincts as to what excites and inspires people are right on every time, and her creative side makes sure it's presented in a fun, engaging manner.

What's next for Cheryl? Anything she puts her mind to...Obviously.

To hear more about Cheryl's behind-the-scenes endeavors, call her and say "Lights! Camera! Action!"