Adventures in Oz™ Synopsis and Song Clips

Clean Up My Act

Part One: Munchkidland

Beginner Skill Level - A focus on the importance of reading, cleaning your room, personal hygiene, nutrition and goal setting (TRT: 37 minutes)

Our adventure begins when Dorothy's house is caught in a cyclone. As the storm tosses her along with everything inside her bedroom into disarray, Dorothy begins cleaning her room and teaching the importance of personal hygiene. When the storm ends, Dorothy meets the Lizard of Oz, who is a librarian from the University of Oz, and soon realizes that she has landed in a very unusual place: Munch "kid" land. The Lizard of Oz explains how, long ago, the Nice Witch, because she could not skip, locked up her magic silver exercise shoes, Archie and Lefty. Then she cast a spell of lazy rain over the Land of Oz, so that no one would want to play or exercise ever again. That's when Dorothy, a fitness expert from Kansas, declares it her mission to bring fun and fitness back to Oz. The Mayor of Munchkidland presents Dorothy with the magic silver exercise shoes to wear along her journey, as she and the Lizard set off in search of the Great Oz.

Stretch Like a Rubberband

Part Two: The Yellow Brick Road

Intermediate Skill Level - A focus on the importance of reading, nutrition, goal setting, flexibility, anatomy, strength and friendship (TRT: 41 minutes)

As Dorothy travels down the Yellow Brick Road, she meets the Scarecrow, who teaches us about the importance of stretching. We soon discover that the Scarecrow wants his brain to be as flexible as his body, so he joins Dorothy on her journey to find the Great Oz, in hopes of achieving his own goal: to learn how to read. Along the way, they meet the Tinkid, who wants to learn how to be nice and make friends. The Tinkid has spent many hours sculpting every muscle of his body, but he doesn't have the most important muscle: the heart. Finally, we meet the Lion, who is afraid of all kinds of things. The Lion joins the others in search of the courage he needs to match his superior strength, so that he can become a worthy leader to the other animals of the forest. Dorothy, the Lizard, the Scarecrow, the Tinkid and the Lion—and the Great Oz.

Skip to the Garden

Part Three: The Emerald City

Advanced Skill Level - A focus on team work, conflict resolution, problem solving and goal achievement, as well as the concept that fitness is fun (TRT: 46 minutes)

When Dorothy and her friends approach The Emerald City, they learn how to work together in harmony to open the magnificent musical gates. Upon meeting the Great Oz, they discover that he, too, has been caught in the lazy rain and has not exercised in some time, and cannot help them. Refusing to give up on their goals, they set off to find the Ice Witch (formerly known as the Nice Witch) in the Great Northern Gardens. Through humor, teamwork and problem solving, they lift the curse from the land. Dorothy teaches the Ice Witch how to skip, and the "Ice" Witch becomes the "Nice" Witch once again. Realizing the dangerous impact of her temper tantrum long ago, the Nice Witch returns with Dorothy and the others to save the Great Oz, who is still caught under her terrible spell. In the end, Munchkidland and The Emerald City come alive again, and Dorothy and her friends achieve their goals and reap the rewards of their hard work.