"I'm living proof that you can do anything, if you just use your head."

Since her father taught her how to stand on her head as a child, Cheryl has seen the world differently.

Her hardworking ironworker father fueled her lifelong pursuit of personal excellence, while her five brothers and sisters encouraged competition. A cherished relationship with her mother ignited an enduring affinity for The Wizard of Oz and, like Dorothy, Cheryl dreamt of another place: running away to join the circus as a star of the flying trapeze.

Headstand Mom Reading Activity Trapeze

She never made it, but she got close, landing in Hollywood as a champion on American Gladiators (which was a lot like being in the circus). And she's been chasing—and catching—dreams ever since!

Nothing has stopped her—not even a severe, genetic speech impediment and a childhood marred by mockery and feelings of inadequacy. It wasn't until college, when a chance meeting with a perfect stranger bearing a gift changed the course of things to come. That's when Cheryl realized she didn't have a speech impediment; she had a "life" impediment. So, she made a choice: the choice to change. It may have been the day she first became a champion.

Today, as a speaker, Cheryl captures the hearts and minds of her audience and magically transports them on her eclectic entrepreneurial journey, from her own backyard to Hollywood, The Home Shopping Network...and more!

Hear the inspiring story of how she raised nearly $3 million in venture capital as executive producer and star of the 13-time national award-winning children's film, Adventures in Oz with Cheryl™. "Not bad for a girl who," according to Jon Miner, founder of the Judy Garland Children's Museum, "couldn't even say her name."


Cheryl's Journey to Oz:

American Gladiators